The best cannabis gifts for weed lovers


Dosist rechargeable vape pen

One of the smoothest vapes on the market, Dosist pens are sleek and precise. Once you pull, the pen buzzes to let you know you’ve hit your desired dose and the effects come just as fast. Perfect for beginners or weed veterans, these pens have different formulas with varying levels of THC and CBD ratios, set to fit any desire from pain relief to reaching nirvana.

$13-$90, available at OCS, Tokyo Smoke and the Hunny Pot,

The Magic Soak bath salts

An epsom and Himalyan salt bath already sounds like a dream on its own – add in 300mg of CBD and it becomes magic. Drift off as the scents of ginger and peach waft over you and you sink further into bliss.

$28, Delush,

High on Love CBD-infused sensual bath oil

In the cold winter nights ahead, treat your partner to a luxurious, sensual bath for two. Most High on Love products bring cannabis into the bathroom, but this oil takes things to the next level. The aroma of lavender and honey, the silkiness of the oil emulsifying in the water and, of course, the hemp seed oil make this a present for both of you.

$45, High on Love,

Aurora raspberry gummies

Edibles are a next-level stocking stuffer or a great option for an office holiday gift exchange (depending on the office). The sativa ones from Aurora are sweet, fruity and loaded with 10 mg of THC per pack of four.

$8.20-$9, available at various retailers,

Nectar CBD facial serum 

A couple of drops of this CBD-infused face serum go a long way and it smells heavenly. The scent is herbaceous and slightly medicinal, from the botanicals rosehip oil, grapeseed oil and carrot seed oil. The skincare junkie on your list, will love the soothing, blemish-reducing effects.

$60, Love Nectar,

Tokyo Smoke Heirloom stack pipe

It’s a pipe, an ashtray, a grinder and it also works as a decorative accent in the home. The rose-coloured three-in-one device makes the process seamless, from dried flower to a blissful high. As a centrepiece on a coffee table, it’s guaranteed to spark questions. It’s a bit of a splurge but a nice option for the weed smoker who’s into functionality and aesthetics.

$150, Tokyo Smoke,

Euphoria Extractions chocolate shatter bars 

Chocolate edibles are unmatched. The creamy cocoa flavour always masks weediness really well and they’re such an easy go-to. Euphoria Extractions make elevated chocolate shatter bars with fun flavours like cookies and green, toffee crunch and vegan mint dark chocolate, with either sativa- or indica-dominant strains for any kind of adventure.

$23-$80, available at CAFE, various locations,

Superette Combo #7 set

A hamburger grinder, a stylish joint locker to keep things fresh while on the go and all the papers – what more do you need? For the quirky stoner on your list who’s always thinking about what to snack on once the munchies hit.

$55, Superette,

The Hunny Pot High Five box

For those who like to have a whole arsenal at the ready, this set from the Hunny Pot is a must cop. With a rechargeable battery for 510 cartridges, a metal grinder, a lighter, unbleached hemp rolling papers with tips, and a storage tube emblazoned with their logo in gold, it’s quite the kit.

$50, the Hunny Pot, various locations,

Ouid herbal smoking blend trio set

Herbal smoking blends can be mixed with weed or smoked on their own. Ouid’s trio set lets you dabble with their different flavour varieties – from Arouse with lavender, raspberry and calendula to Uplift with peppermint and tulsi to Relax with chamomile and lemon balm. Get fancy with your joints and take things to new heights.

$60, Ouid,

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