Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Stoner stocking stuffers

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, it's time to treat your friends and family to that holiday high with vapes, candles and funky pipes

Sea Weed Patch

As public perception of cannabis has changed in recent years, so has marijuana iconography. A new wave of artists is designing stylish accessories celebrating the leafy plant, including this patch by Los Angeles-based artist Penelope Gazin. This punny patch would look good on ball caps, backpacks or weed storage pouches. 

$15, Likely General (389 Roncesvalles) 


Hemlock Rose Starter Set 

This starter pack by Toronto’s Hemlock Rose has everything a newbie smoker needs: a sculptural glass pipe available in either pink or teal, a four-piece metal grinder and a snack-sized bag of sugary popcorn for when the munchies kick in. 



Omni Relax Melt Bath Salts 

Between the stress of family get-togethers, last-minute shopping and enduring blustery weather, the holiday season takes a mental and physical toll on our bodies. Omni’s Melt is made with both Epsom and Himalayan salts and infused with THC for a relaxing soak that reduces muscle stiffness, cramping, inflammation and minor aches and pains. 

$35, Hotbox Shop (204 Augusta) 


The Leafly Guide To Cannabis

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a new consumer, this 240-page guide by the world’s largest cannabis information platform will be useful. Written by the Seattle-based Leafly team, the book covers different strains and their effects, methods of consumption and ways to navigate the growing market. Think of it as cannabis 101. 

$35, Indigo


BRNT Malua Container

You wouldn’t store food in any old container and expect it to stay fresh, so why would you store weed in a plastic bag? Treat your cannabis right and prolong its scent and flavour with the Malua container from Edmonton’s BRNT Designs. The concrete storage jar comes in black or marble design with a wood lid, and the split-storage system inside helps keep strains organized. Best of all, it traps smells and locks in the good.



Summerland Fruit Fantasy Pipe

Step up your pipe game with this ceramic apple-shaped pipe by Summerland. It’s cute and weird and unless you’ve got bud sticking out of the top, no one will even know it’s a pipe. Like they say, “An apple a day…” so smoke up.

$120, Easy Tiger Goods (1447 Dundas West) 


Pax 3

Stylish, discreet and easy to use, the Pax 3 is ready within 15 seconds of turning it on. Pick between four pre-set temperatures or use the mobile app to customize the heating settings to your exact preference. Sure, at over $250 it’s definitely a splurge gift for a loved one, but think of it as an investment in both your relationship and future sessions.

$260, Tokyo Smoke (850B Adelaide, 874 College, 668 Queen West, 100 Broadview)


Malin + Goetz Cannabis Votive Candle

For the person who loves the aroma of cannabis – all the time – this cannabis candle by New York’s Malin + Goetz features a similar herbaceous scent. Notes include orange, fig, amber and patchouli, and the candle burns for up to 25 hours.

$26 at Drake General Store (1151 Queen West)

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