High Buys: Canada Puffin glass pipes

These Canadian-designed cannabis pipes add a puff of patriotism to your smoking experience

If your cannabis experience has been lacking in patriotism, perhaps you’re in the market for a glass pipe from Canada Puffin. The Canadian company, which will begin shipping its products on March 20, makes artfully designed Canuck-branded pipes hand-blown from borosilicate glass and made with Canadian maple wood.

Each of its four pipes are inspired by Canadian symbols – from the Stone Spoon pipe, which takes its shape from a granite curling stone, to the statuesque Inukshuk Bubbler, a hybrid water and dry pipe. The Northern Lights taster pipe is the perfect starter pipe, and is compact, portable and versatile. The wood and mouthpiece are easily removable for cleaning.

$42-$158 at canadapuffin.com

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