Ghost Drops, one of Canada’s most iconic legacy cannabis brands, is muscling into the legal market

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The cannabis company Ghost Drops has arrived in the legal market bringing with it its infamous reputation, legacy genetics catalogue, and its partnerships with award-winning cultivators and geneticists.

To lead the transition from the legacy to legal market, Toronto-based Ghost Drops has hired global cannabis expert Gene Bernaudo as its Chief Executive Officer and interim Chief Operating Officer. Bernaudo – formerly the president and global head of cannabis for international cannabis brand Ignite – brings his extensive business experience establishing and growing cannabis brands in Canada, as well as a comprehensive rolodex of industry contacts and partnerships.

“There is only so far a brand can go in the legacy market,” Bernaudo says. “Ghost Drops grew to a point where it only made sense to move our legacy into the legal market. We see it as our duty to make quality cannabis more accessible to our consumers. Our duty to bring the finest geneticists and cultivators to the forefront of the cannabis industry where they belong. And our duty to provide an unparalleled experience to any consumer looking to access truly craft cannabis.”

Under Bernaudo, Ghost Drops aims to accomplish what the legal market has been trying to achieve since its arrival in 2018: the large-scale conversion of loyal legacy customers to the legal market. The company promises its quality and innovation will never change, but it will now be more accessible than ever.

“Ghost Drops is here to slay the legal market,” Bernaudo says. “We’re working with our collaborators to bring our apex legacy strains to the masses. We’re bringing our legacy market quality and culture to the legal market.

“We curate quality,” he says. “We source quality, we partner with quality, we sell quality. We’re not growers; what we do is empower growers and breeders to create and scale the absolute best cannabis in the country. We focus on building brand awareness, bringing attention to our partnerships and our collaborations, and providing an outlet for the best Canada has to offer.”

The way he sees it, it’s all about bringing the attitude and reputation of Ghost Drops into a new market without changing the company’s core strengths. 

“Ghost Drops is delivering everything legal market consumers have been denied: the very best small-batch, craft cannabis  in Canada, developed through collaborations with the most innovative geneticists and cultivators out there,” he says. “We are what the legal market was always supposed to be – and we’ve taken it upon our shoulders to convert legacy market consumers into legal market consumers.”

He’s also being careful to preserve the company’s identity and attitude as it moves into the new market.

“When I was asked to take on the role of CEO, I knew this would be a brand that I could get behind and help propel to the forefront of the legal market,” he says. “The story is real, the team is the best I have ever worked with, and I truly look forward to being part of this legacy.”

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