High Buys: A pretty one-hitter for a toke on the go

This one-hitter from Hemlock Rose is compact, easily concealable and helps control dosage

Although cannabis is now legal, some people may not want to flaunt a large pipe out in public or aren’t comfortable rolling joints. Enter the one-hitter. It’s exactly what the name suggests: a small pipe designed for a single hit. They’re compact, easily concealable and the small bowl helps control dosage. It’s one of the best ways to get the most bang for your bud.

This one-hitter from online Canadian retailer, Hemlock Rose, is made of a white porcelain with a blue marble pattern and features a 22 carat gold embellishment. It’s pretty enough to keep out on a coffee table or ready for tokes on the go.

$50, hemlockrose.com

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