High Buys: Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

Marie Kondo got you obsessed with tidying? Clean up your cannabis accessories with this OCS-approved kit

Perhaps you’re four episodes deep into Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix and now you’re obsessed with refolding all of your socks and assessing which books in your house “spark joy?”

Extend your new passion for cleaning to your cannabis accessories. If you’ve been smoking out of a cloudy bong or a vape that doesn’t seem to work as smoothly as it used to, dirt and grime might be your problem.

This basic kit from High Standards includes everything you need to KonMari your weed tools and return them to pristine condition. Find bottles of ISO Pure and Salt Rox, the former for cleaning glass and the latter for scrubbing away build-up. Also in there are tube tops for sealing openings before shaking, Dot wipes soaked in isopropyl alcohol, Pipe Stix to reach tight spots, a resin rag, salt chute funnel and stem brush.

Higher Standards is a high-end cannabis lifestyle brand based in New York. This kit can be purchased at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

$40, Ontario Cannabis Store, ocs.ca

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