High Buys: Van der Pop’s Calla Multi-Tool

Rolling joints as a beginner can be tough, but this tool can help you roll a perfect spliff every time

If you find rolling joints a challenge, this sleek tool can help. With the Calla Multi-Tool, from Seattle-based brand Van der Pop, you’ll be able to produce tight, beautiful spliffs every time. Take a paper and roll it tightly around the silver barrel, then moisten the adhesive and seal it. Slide the rolled paper off the barrel and insert a filter into the narrow end of the cone. Scoop up your ground flower using the fluted end of the barrel, fill the joint and then use the rose-gold poker to pack it. Once it’s filled to your liking, twist the end shut and cut off the excess. Unlike some other joint-rolling gadgets, the Calla Multi-Tool is small enough that you can bring it with you on the go. 

$30, at Tokyo Smoke (850b Adelaide West, and others), tokyosmoke.com 

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