Dating app fatigue comes from a lack of curation

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With more people than ever looking for love (or something like it) on the internet, online dating has lost some of its novelty. It’s now become common to meet couples whose story began with a pair of profiles and a simple hello – and just as common to meet frustrated singles who say they’ve tried everything and can’t find “the one.”

The inevitable result of perpetual growth in online dating communities has led to singles dedicating large amounts of time and effort to the rigours of mate selection – all for matches that often don’t pan out. That’s because the primary challenge of online dating is no longer about accessing more people, but accessing the right people through smart, effective filtering.

Increasingly sophisticated matchmaker algorithms from apps like The Inner Circle means that the potential to make meaningful connections is actually getting better and the size of a dating pool has become irrelevant. With the right selection process, a good dating app can pinpoint a shared set of characteristics or preferences to provide some basic boundaries for who will appear in your feed and who will be excluded, which is a lot easier than blindly swiping your way towards real potential.

This kind of effective curation starts with properly screening prospective community members. After launching in Europe and New York, building a membership base of over 500,000, The Inner Circle has found success through its mission to bring together likeminded young professionals. Part of their selection process includes reviewing your public social profiles to better curate the kinds of people who are admitted into this growing dating community. Now available in Toronto, you can expect to see some of the membership features like invite-only singles events rolling out in the future.

As anyone with online dating experience can attest, the emotional grind of actively searching for the right match and finding only missed connections is exhausting. Even the most outgoing extrovert feels some vulnerability on dates, and it’s natural to be a bit fatigued after a while. But with smarter apps, meeting the right people can be a lot easier and lead to better experiences for anyone who’s single and looking.

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