Dave Clark

Rating: NNNNNWHO: Dave Clark, human animal father lover friend musician typeWHEN: Thursday, 6 pmWHERE: Shaw and CollegeCLOTHES: "I got my.

Rating: NNNNN

WHO: Dave Clark, human animal father lover friend musician type

WHEN: Thursday, 6 pm

WHERE: Shaw and College

CLOTHES: “I got my African hat 10 years ago at the New Orleans jazz fest. Beats the heat. My wife picked up this shirt and drawers at ye olde Value Village (924 Queen East, 416-778-4818, and others). Very cheap. Oh ya! My ex-brother-in-law, just before he divorced my sister some six or seven years ago, gave me these rubber Birkenstocks. The socks and tightie whities are from Chockys (327 Spadina, 416-977-1831 2584 Yonge, 416-483-8229). My daughter The Goob and I strung these coloured beads when she was about two and a half. The love beads are from New Orleans. My aviator shades are from Shoppers Drug Mart in Victoria. They were cheap. I think I sat on my last pair. Oh, well. The canvas bag came from King Sol (639 Queen West, 416-504-3333). Adios, King Sol. Tim Mech of the Peep Show band scoped out this guitar and case for me at the Twelfth Fret (2132 Danforth, 416-423-2132) about 10 years ago, and it was a birthday gift from my lovely lady. What a sweet treat!”

Hair: “I get my wife to cut it every three or four years. I donate it to the Sick Kids’ Hospital to provide wigs for cancer-stricken children. You need about 10 or 12 inches cut in a straight line and tied together at both ends to do it up right.”

Style: “Glad all over.”

Into: “Love, my family, my cats, my friends, making new friends, food, sex, music, art, books, peace and getting people together to realize ecstatic moments.”

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