Drunk Feminist Films sound off on men, hook-up culture and more


Ask any woman you know about a time when they felt undermined by a dude for no reason other than their appearance and they’ll have a story – probably several! In the age of interconnectedness enabled by the internet, the experience of weathering the male ego is made all the more incessant.

“The only kind of man-spreading I want to see is whatever’s happening in Magic Mike XXL,” jokes Amy Wood, co-founder of local collective Drunk Feminist films. “Why do [some men] think that [their] right leg did more work in the day then my whole body?” 

Seated in the farthest corner of the Drake Hotel’s Sky Yard, DFF members Bernita Rebeiro, Kyrell Grant and Wood offer their distinct brand of criticism (a mix of humor, intellect and a slight buzz) on a list of concepts around feminism and womanhood that some men (#notallmen) can’t seem to wrap their heads around. In these trying times, the women of DFF are the voices we need to intercept the vitriol spewed about the female experience that thrives in this era of “fake news.”

You can catch DFF skewering myths around female behavior and championing feminism one drink at a time at their film screenings or on their youtube series. 

Check out the video below to see more of what happened when we asked Rebeiro, Grant and Wood for their incisive (and hilarious) thoughts on hook-up culture, online dating, mansplaining, male feminists and more. 

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