The dirt on cleaning clothes with nano-silver



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I read this article and agree that too much of any one substance (this being nano-silver) is bad for the environment. However, silver itself is not bad or toxic to water (Lakes/Rivers/Oceans) and it filters/removes germs,...and does so very efficiently. This article leans towards making people become afraid of using silver impregnated (nano-silver) fabrics/products in the future to fight germs with a falsehood claim (no proof) that it pollutes the environments. Hmmmm.....why does silver impregnated water filters clean water to 99.98% pure form and we humans ingest it without negative side effects. According to the narrative of this article, it would seem best to just flush your chemical detergent down into the lake or waterway instead of purifying it naturally with something that is naturally found here on Earth...."SILVER".

Nano-Yano more than 1 year ago

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