Back to school essentials for study at home or at school

Even during this unprecedented school year, you'll still need certain things to make the grade

Just because it’s an atypical school year doesn’t mean you can do without supplies to prepare yourself for the first days of classes. Here are some back to school essentials you that will help you make the grade. And if you’re attending class in person, don’t forget things like hand sanitizer and face masks.


Even if most of your classes are being held virtually this semester, it wouldn’t be a new school year without a stylish new knapsack. You’ll want one that holds your laptop, stores supplies and will look decent once things go back to normal. Better yet, get one that shows your team spirit or activist politics.

Old school basics – with a twist

If you’ve got young children attending physical classes, they’ll still need the basics: pencils, pens, notebooks. To hold supplies, buy a pencil case made of plastic, one that’s easily sanitized.


You may have made do with studying on the kitchen or dining room table last spring, but why not spend a few bucks on a more permanent solution to the home desk dilemma? This model saves space and comes with a bookshelf, to remind you you should be studying, not watching TV.


As we’ve all realized over the past six months, a decent ergonomic chair is essential for your well-being. It’ll support your back and neck, improve your posture so you’re not slouching in that important Zoom call and make it appear like you’re paying attention (because of course you are). Choose one made of mesh so the air is constantly circulating, providing maximum comfort.


If you can’t afford a new desktop or laptop, why not try upgrading your computer’s monitor? If, like everyone else, you’ve been staring intently at various screens for the past half year, this LCD monitor with low blue light filter and flicker-free technology will give your eyes a break as you’re studying.

Toronto Zoom backgrounds

Once school starts up, you won’t have time to tidy up. And you may have family members or roommates walking around behind you. So try downloading some choice Toronto backgrounds for your Zoom calls.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Since the pandemic began, good headphones have become must-haves. For that online lecture or group Zoom seminar, you don’t want to miss a single word. And with the noise-cancelling function, you won’t have to keep shushing your family or roommates. And the Bluetooth technology will won’t have to worry about tripping on wires as you make your point. These are definitely back to school essentials.


When you’ve got dozens of windows open on your desktop, it’s hard to stay organized. That’s where an old-fashioned, old school whiteboard comes in. It’ll help you focus on your biggest tasks, and provide week-at-a-glance planning, with a magnetic clip to remind you of items so they’re not lost on your virtual, or physical, desktop.


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