Get more expressive with a stylus pen for your smartphone

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The potential uses for powerful mobile devices are rapidly expanding beyond texting, navigation, gaming and watching videos. Much of these digital features rely heavily on gestures and fingertip manipulation, which can miss out on more precise and expressive uses for your smartphone.

Devices that come equipped with a stylus pen, such as the new Samsung Galaxy Note8, offer additional ways to interact with the screen. Along with tapping and dragging your thumbs and fingers, you can also use the stylus – which Samsung calls an “S Pen” – to access a host of new features that go beyond this.

We’ve pulled together a few of our favourite ways you can use a stylus pen with mobile devices. If you want to see Samsung’s S Pen in action, visit the #GalaxyLife event happening now until September 14. There will be a host of interactive activities, demonstrations and talks featuring local creatives like Dwayne Kennedy, co-founder of The Collections agency, and Matt Basile of Fidel Gastro’s (full details above).

Create and text your own images

According to polls in recent years, texting has become the preferred method of communication over phone calls, particularly among millennials. Most of the popular messaging software programs now feature a bevy of enhanced options for turning a simple conversation between friends into an intertwining visual dialogue that often calls upon images like gifs or memes that carry contextual information stretching way beyond the confines of a two-way chat. 

With a stylus, you can manipulate images with more variety and precision to make a joke or convey an emotional reaction. When used with the Samsung S Pen’s Live Message feature, you can create and share animated messages. As communication technology develops more tools, our conversations can become more sophisticated too … even if we are just telling each other about what we just saw on the Internet. 


Get serious about sketching

Impatient doodling or serious sketching on a smartphone each require ready-to-use applications. But even if you’re just passing the time, using your fingers for a drawing will rarely yield the creative results you’re looking for. A stylus pen, such as Samsung’s S Pen, provides a lot more immediate control over what you’re trying to create. 

If you’re using an Android OS smartphone, you have access to an incredible number of drawing apps, from Adobe’s creative suite and Autodesk to free, pared-down apps that give you the space and features to draw the way you want. The more recent stylus pens on the market will give you the ability to utilize varying levels of pressure, which allows for more digital creativity regardless of what you’re trying to draw. 

Quick capture and annotate 

When navigating through a densely-worded email on your phone, it’s easy to get a bit lost – especially if you’re multi-tasking or riding transit while you’re reading it. A stylus pen on the right device lets you mark up what you’re reading so you can better engage with the information being shared.

With the new Galaxy Note8, you can actually “scroll capture” a document, which means snapping a photo of multiple screen-length images so you can interact offline with the text as a whole instead of in bits and pieces. A stylus can then be used to mark up, translate or magnify sections. And since you don’t need an on-screen keyboard for typing with your thumbs, the full display is available for combing through those finer details. 

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