Graham Skinner & Amy Stewart

Rating: NNNNNWho Pastry chef Graham Skinner and publicist Amy Stewart. When Sunday, 1 pm. .

Rating: NNNNN

Who Pastry chef Graham Skinner and publicist Amy Stewart. When Sunday, 1 pm. Where Queen west of Bathurst.

His Clothes “My hoody is by Upper Playground, for $90, from Noise (275 Queen West, 416-971-6479). If you look closely at the crest, it has various music-inspired graphics, such as a breakdancer and a microphone. My trousers are from Noise as well. They’re the Vertical Reduction style by Jive Styles, for about $140. There’s a zipper inside so you can roll the legs up to make them a shorter length. This OK 47 baseball hat was $35 from Alius Streetwear (425 Queen West, 416-977-5959). Amy bought me my blue Ecko T-shirt when she was in New York City, and my Wasabi- style shoes, made by Royals, were $89 at Odyssey (557 Queen West, 416-363-8934). I got this Fresh Jive backpack back home in Melbourne for $80, as well as my labaret piercing.”

Her Clothes “I bought this red fleece hoody at the Diesel Outlet when I was in Melbourne, Australia I think it was about $130. My pants and skirt combo is by VXN, from Odyssey, for $150. The great thing about this combo is that you can wear the pants or skirt separately, which makes it versatile. The shoes I’m wearing are the same as Graham’s Wasabi style by Royals. They were the last pair in my size for an absolute steal of $50 at Get Out Side (437 Queen West, 416-593-5598)! My T-shirt is by Volcom. I bought it in the summer when I was at Sauble Beach, for about $40. These funky shades were a gift from a friend who had the same pair, so we could be sunglasses twins!

His Style “I didn’t realize I had a style.” Her Style “Funky, casual and comfortable.” Hair “Amy cuts and styles both our hair.” Into Amy: “I’m obsessed with knitting, and Graham’s into techno and electronic music, and surfing when he’s back in Australia. Together we love to travel, but it doesn’t matter what we’re doing just as long as we’re together.”

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