Gran Turismo

GRAN TURISMO (PSP) Rating: NNNThe Gran Turismo franchise.


The Gran Turismo franchise on the PSP has finally arrived, and it’s hit and miss. The game looks great and handles with ease. Hundreds of cars and race tracks, all rich with the details you’d expect from a GT game, make for a solid driving experience. Game play is a combination of challenges and user-defined race scenarios. Ad hoc wireless multiplayer mode lets you take on your local friends, but don’t expect to get online for any anonymous high-speed action.


Possibly the biggest hole in the game is the lack of any form of career mode. There’s no structured way to progress, leaving the decisions about where and what to race next entirely in your hands. With few tangible objectives, some of the incentive to keep playing is missing. Regardless, there’s a wealth of content to explore to keep you happily racing for hours.

Ultimately, Gran Turismo for PSP is one of the best portable race experiences available.

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