iMD Health provides Canadians with an online database of trustworthy medical information

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It’s 11 pm and you feel a slight pain in your left foot as you lay in bed. You are unable to fall asleep as you’re worried about the cause of the discomfort. You grab your phone from the bedside table and bring up Google on your browser.

After two hours of searching, you’ve come to the sobering conclusion that you may have cancer in your pinky toe. You lay awake for the rest of the night, riddled with anxiety from thinking about the worst case scenario – we’ve all been there.

To keep people from recklessly self-diagnosing, NOW is partnering with iMD Health, a destination for digital health education. iMD Health started in 2010 and has since become Canada’s largest online patient education and engagement platform. The free digital platform encourages the public to access trusted medical resources when searching for answers instead of scrolling through unreliable Reddit threads.

The award-winning database is currently used within clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, infusion clinics, and home environments.

Information stored within the iMD Health platform is collected and curated from more than 60 reputable health association partnerships and the Mayo Clinic. These partnerships ensure that all materials on iMD Health are consistently up-to-date and relevant. Users will gain access to an online library filled with patient-friendly diagrams, booklets and video resources that cover more than 1,800 medical topics.

Both health-care providers and patients are able to easily navigate iMD Health’s content as the platform features a user-friendly interface. Users have the option to search for a condition or click through the popular health topics that are displayed. Information can then be printed at home or emailed to friends and family.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, countless health-care practitioners have moved patient appointments onto online platforms like Tia Health. It is in this setting as well that physicians are using information from iMD Health to better educate their patients from a distance. The resources found on iMD Health perfectly supplements the care provided by online health-care providers.

Additionally, by meeting with physicians through an online platform and sourcing information from iMD Health, you’ll never have to spend three hours in a clinic waiting room again, possibly exposing yourself to germs and viruses in the process. iMD Health is focused on advancing and innovating Canada’s health-care space.

The platform can also help users know what to expect if they have upcoming diagnostic tests or surgeries. Many studies suggest that pre-operative education is imperative as it’s the unknown and unfamiliarity of the future that gives patients anxiety. The vast amount of procedure-related information found on iMD Health will provide users with a sense of comfort.

By initially consulting with iMD Health at home, you’ll avoid landing upon a perplexing and incorrect self-diagnosis. Instead, you will find the knowledge you need to develop a logical plan of action so that you can feel healthy again.

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