Health – NOW Magazine Sat, 08 May 2021 16:04:26 +0000 Sat, 08 May 2021 16:04:26 +0000 en-US Julia Mastroianni DJs help make vaccination a celebration at Toronto pop-up clinics Clinic organizers say DJs give hard-hit communities a morale boost and make standing in long lineups less boring

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Glenn Sumi Pandemic walk: Rosedale Ravine Trail The 5.5-kilometre horseshoe trail starting at St. Clair and Yonge is an essential part of the city’s ravine system

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Glenn Sumi Pandemic walk: Scarborough Hydro Corridor This hassle-free 45-minute walk in the middle of Scarborough will only get nicer as the Meadoway takes shape

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Kevin Ritchie How self-test kits could democratize HIV testing in Canada Vancouver-based researchers are sending 15,000 free home test kits to men across the country

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Kaelynn Shinkaruk Post-secondary schools need to take decisive action on mental health Mental health literacy training should be a requirement of post-secondary staff

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Enzo DiMatteo What we know about cannabis, COVID-19 and vaccines There’s some evidence to suggest that anti-inflammatory properties in weed can mute the effects of the virus, but the feds say don’t believe it

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Rachel Moore The importance of maintaining good oral health during the pandemic This story is sponsored by Dr. Neil J. Gajjar Associates & Specialists.

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Radheyan Simonpillai How the pandemic made sleeping even more complicated in Toronto People struggling to sleep tell us how COVID-19 has exacerbated the problem or disrupted their path to healing

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NOW Staff Wait out the pandemic in peace by using CBD oil to combat stress and anxiety Sponsored feature: CBD2HEAL

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Glenn Sumi Pandemic winter walk: High Park The city’s second-largest municipal park provides winter exercise of all sorts for walkers, joggers and dog-owners

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Julia Mastroianni It’s time to care about Ontario’s caregivers Personal support workers say caring for the elderly is a privilege, but Ontario’s workforce is low paid, short staffed and burnt out

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Julia Mastroianni Jobs in demand: The pros and cons of becoming midwife In Ontario, midwives still face barriers despite high interest in their services

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Julia Mastroianni Jobs in demand: The pros and cons of becoming a nurse in Ontario Many nurses consider the profession a calling, but the country is facing a job shortage

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Julia Mastroianni Fewer contacts means less mental health support during COVID-19 Our reduced social circles are giving rise to codependency and fears we’re overburdening people with our lockdown stress

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Julia Mastroianni Toronto mask makers ready to adjust designs if rules change for COVID-19 variants Experts say three-layer masks remain effective as long as it fits tightly and is worn properly

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Norman Wilner Scientists hit social media to combat COVID conspiracy theories The Science Up First initiative aims to counter the spread of misinformation online with research and facts

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Julia Mastroianni Is COVID-19 transmission risk higher in cold winter weather? Overall outdoor risk is negligible unless it involves close and prolonged interaction, experts say

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Julia Mastroianni Shame and blame will not save you from COVID-19, experts say “The second you get that positive test, you’re now seen as a negligent human being”

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Julia Mastroianni What having COVID-19 is like: Two people talk diagnosis and recovery Two Ontarians explain how they caught COVID-19, how they handled symptoms and the lingering effects – physical and mental

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Julia Mastroianni How to navigate being alone for the holidays during COVID-19 While some people are opting to remain alone for the holidays due to COVID-19, breaking the news to family isn’t always easy

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Enzo DiMatteo Health care professionals okayed to use magic mushrooms for training in psilocybin therapy Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and nurses are among 17 health care professionals granted the exemption by Health Canada this week

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Charlie Smith The pandemic is affecting your sleep in ways you might not expect Stress eating and staying at home 24/7 is continuing to impact our sleep routines

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Julia Mastroianni The best places to ice skate in Toronto this winter You’ll have to register before you hit any of the 54 outdoor ice rinks

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Glenn Sumi Toronto ravines and forest expert talks the walks Author Jason Ramsay-Brown discusses Toronto ravines, his favourite walk and what to see in nature during the winter

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NOW Staff iMD Health offers tips on how you can protect yourself this cold and flu season Sponsored feature: iMD Health

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Julia Mastroianni How COVID-19 forced people to deal with new living situations Moving in with a partner, relative or ex because of COVID-19 could lead to new relationship challenges

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Glenn Sumi Tips for throwing a great virtual office holiday party Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t share gossip, drink and dance with your co-workers

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Julia Mastroianni Ontario’s lockdown advice for massage therapists is confusing Ontario’s top doctor has said massages aren’t allowed during lockdown – but the health ministry says otherwise

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Glenn Sumi Toronto doubles number of open winter park washrooms The City of Toronto is raising number of open public washrooms from 64 to 143 to help demand through winter

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Glenn Sumi Our readers’ favourite virtual fitness instructor is Jennifer Hicks Readers’ Choice 2020: Online classes blend dance, movement, martial arts, self-awareness, body positivity and fitness

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