This map shows where face masks are needed around the world

Launched a month ago, the interactive map already has more than 4,000 locations in need of personal protective equipment

If it hasn’t already become clear, one of the most efficient ways to find and provide support within your community during the pandemic is through maps – maps for takeout, maps for signs of support, maps for grocery store wait lines, maps to monitor COVID-19 cases and, now, maps for where you can donate masks.

With shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) across Canada, partially due to delays in global shipments, many healthcare workers have been going without, rationing or reusing unclean equipment.

That problem isn’t exclusive to Canada, and in an effort to help those hoping to chip in however and much they can, Google senior product manager Rachel Popkin created

The website, which is not affiliated with Google, was created by a group of tech workers based in Seattle but reaches all across the world, from Canada to India to Portugal.

Those who have access to PPE can simply punch in their location, what equipment they have (such as gloves, gowns, masks, sanitizer) and then find exactly which hospitals, clinics, public health facilities or food banks are in need and where. Details also include whether drop-off or pick-up of items is requested.

Popkin’s teamed is advised by a group of doctors and nurses around the U.S. 

Although the website was launched a month ago, it already includes over 4,000 locations in need.

Those who wish to volunteer and join the team can do so here, and those facilities looking to post their listing can do so here.


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