Here are the dreams Canadians are searching about the most on Google

Google reveals Canadians are curious about their dreams and how much sleep they’re getting. (Courtesy: Unsplash/ Tânia Mousinho)

Canadians are curious about their dreams, especially ones that involve their Ex-partner and potential pregnancies, new trends from Google searches reveal. 

World Sleep Day is on Friday, and ahead of the day the search engine has rounded up top searches related to involuntary images of the mind. 

When it comes to dreaming, Canadians are concerned about what it means to dream of someone and want to know about controlling their dreams, also known as lucid dreaming. 

The nation is particularly curious about the meaning of their dreams, as top Google searches expose many are experiencing nightmares of their teeth falling out, losing hair, and tussling about with reptiles, like snakes and crocodiles. 

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Google also says Canadians are worried about the amount of sleep they’re getting, how much sleep they need and how to fall asleep fast.

Here are the top Google searches about sleeping and dreaming: 

Top trending dreams searched

  1. Teeth falling out dream
  2. Dreaming about your ex
  3. Dream about being pregnant
  4. Snake dream meaning
  5. Recurring dreams
  6. Dreaming of losing your hair
  7. Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive
  8. Crocodile dream meaning
  9. Being chased in dreams
  10. Giving birth dream meaning

Top trending questions about sleep

  1. How to fall asleep fast?
  2. What is sleep apnea?
  3. How many hours of sleep do I need?
  4. Why can’t I sleep?
  5. How much deep sleep is normal?
  6. What is sleep paralysis?
  7. What is rem sleep?
  8. Is 6 hours of sleep enough?
  9. Is 7 hours of sleep enough?
  10. Why do I sweat so much in my sleep?

Top trending questions about dreams

  1. What does it mean when you dream of someone?
  2. How to lucid dream?
  3. Why do we dream?
  4. What is lucid dreaming?
  5. What do dreams mean?
  6. What do dogs dream about?
  7. What is a fever dream?
  8. What causes nightmares?
  9. What does it mean when you dream of someone dying?
  10. What are night terrors?

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