High Buys: The buzziest cannabis products right now

A skunky seed to get your garden growing and light drink to wet your whistle for the May 24 long weekend in our monthly cannabis roundup

Skunk #1 seeds

In honour of the coming growing season, we’ve flipped the script on the usual flower offering to this classic seed favoured by experienced growers. Skunky aromas are making a comeback! This one does well outdoors in our sometimes unpredictable climate. Available online in Canada through canukseeds.com and sensiseeds.com.

Pizza Breath by BOAZ Craft Cannabis

This GMO Cookies, Zkittlez and OG Kush combo launched this month will be among the most powerful flower on the market with more than 26 per cent THC. boazpharm.com.

Little Victory Dry Grapefruit drink by Truss Beverages

For the May 24 long weekend, we’ve reached into our bag for something a little different to whet your cannabis appetite. This is one of the lighter of five drinks offered by Truss. Each comes with a different THC to CBD ratio. Yes, Toronto, you can drink in parks. trussbeverages.com.  

SHINE topicals by Earth Kisses Sky

Company co-founder Ashley Short leveraged a decade of holistic training – and a 2012 diagnosis of Lyme disease – to develop a cannabis-infused skincare line with botanicals known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. earthkissessky.com.

Green Crush by 48North

The Ontario-based producer has recently signalled a move away from flower, but still boasts some good buds in its line, like this tangy, 100 per cent sativa with up to 26 per cent THC. 48nrth.com.

Ruxton Sour OG by Broken Coast

This sativa-dominant hybrid produced indoors by one of BC’s best growers is known for its intense lime flavour and potent green and purple buds. brokencoast.com.



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