Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The best stoner stocking stuffers

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AHLOT Ritual Box

While Ziploc baggies, mason jars and vintage tins have long been the standard containers for weed and weed-related accoutrements, Toronto-based company AHLOT’s Ritual Box offers a high-design alternative for your stash. Each box features a jar for storing buds, a grinder, cork-topped glass vessels (aka “doob tubes”) for king-sized joints, a rolling paper dispenser, organic cotton filters and a beeswax candle “to light your rolls, clean the air by releasing negative ions and enrich your experience.” Once legalization hits, AHLOT will also be rolling out a subscription service that mails you specific cannabis strains tailored to your tastes.



Boy Smells Kush candle

Who needs a boyfriend when you can get a coconut and beeswax candle that smells just like one? The Kush scent features notes of cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber and comes in a stylish black tumbler. Light up for a perfect night in.

($48, Tokyo Smoke,


Boveda humidity control packs

A must-have for stoners and the casual toker alike, these two-way humidity control packets keep weed fresher for longer. Just stick one in your stash container and leave it be. You’ll know when it’s ready to be replaced when it becomes hard.

($3, Roach-O-Rama, 204 Augusta,


Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, And Enjoying Marijuana by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein and Liz Crain

When weed becomes legal next summer, expect to see metre-high weed plants mingling next to tomato vines and kale in backyards. This beautiful hardcover tome teaches the ins and outs of growing cannabis, from the best types of soil and tips for managing pests to drying, trimming and storing. The last chapter offers recipes for enjoying the fruits of your labour, including a batch of decadent, fudgy brownies.

($36, Good Egg, 267 Augusta,


Alair vaporizer pen

Ultra-sleek and stylish cannabis vaporizer created for seasoned potheads and newbies alike. Each cartridge of 0.4 ml of pure cannabis oil delivers around 150 pulls, and the pen comes with a USB charger for life on the go.



Boost CBD tincture

This tincture by Toronto company Calyx Wellness is made with CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis known for treating ailments like chronic pain. Calyx compares its Boost tincture to a multivitamin – a daily drop will help your immune system fight through cold season.

($50, Calyx Wellness Centre, 1606 Queen West,


OMNI orgasm oil

This oil brings a whole new meaning to the term body high. The lube is infused with THC and has aromatic notes of lavender, ylang ylang, ginger and peppermint.

($60, Eden, 760 Queen West,


Farbod Ceramics pipe

This beautiful pipe is equally suited for your artsy stoner pal or that friend that’s still smoking out of their old roommate’s hand-me-down glass pipe. Handmade by Vancouver ceramicist Farbod Nael, this pipe is inspired by traditional Asian, Persian and African pottery.

($75, Likely General, 398 Roncesvalles,


Levo oil infuser

Making weed butter on the stovetop involves constant stirring, messy straining and having your whole place smell funky. This easy-to-use infuser is great for cannabis cooks and bakers or anyone who wants to make tasty infused oils and butters with herbs like basil and lavender.



Poppins stash bag by Van der Pop 

This sleek stash bag is made of genuine Italian leather, has a waterproof zipper to conceal odours and even has a lock to keep your goods safe. Best yet, it doubles as a clutch ready for a night out. 

($370, Tokyo Smoke, 850b Adelaide West,

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