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If you’ve ever slipped into a pair of silk pyjamas or stretched out on a bed of silk sheets, you know the material’s dreamy feel. Of all the natural fibres in the world, Mulberry silk is the most luxurious. Buttery soft and smooth, it’s also the toughest.

HoneyLux is bringing luxe to women’s everyday lives. The female-led Canadian company recently launched with its exquisite line of Mulberry Silk Scrunchies – and people are loving being able to tie their hair back so sumptuously.

Oana Badiceanu, founder of HoneyLux, has always been drawn to beautiful, high-quality fabrics for her own wardrobe and accessories. And while silk is highly coveted, it’s also expensive, making it out of reach for many. Badiceanu wanted to create the best of both worlds, so she decided to build a luxury brand that’s accessible to women everywhere.

“I wanted to incorporate that feeling of luxury into something every girl does every day, like hair care,” Badiceanu says. “Now, when you’re throwing your hair up in a bun, you can have that little touch of luxury. As small as it is, it’s nice to feel pampered with a nice silk scrunchie in your hair.”

“Our intention is not to unnecessarily add steps to a daily hair-care routine, but to simply improve and incorporate a benefit to something that women do already: tying up hair,” she adds.

Designed in Canada, the scrunchies are made by hand and made to last. Beyond beauty and elegance, there are numerous benefits of the pure mulberry silk HoneyLux uses in its products.

In gorgeous colours like Skyler (blue), Venice (violet) and Malibu (Champagne), HoneyLux Mulberry Silk Scrunchies does wonders for your hair.

Mulberry silk is antimicrobial, meaning it doesn’t allow for bacteria to grow on it, even if you’re wearing a piece while working out and building up a sweat.

The silk scrunchies hold hair in beautifully, while they also gently slide off without the tugging, pulling or breakage caused by conventional hair elastics. Mulberry silk is a protein fibre with 18 kinds of amino acids, which create a smooth surface, reducing friction on the hair and preventing damage.

In beautiful colours like Skyler (blue), Venice (violet), and Malibu (Champagne), HoneyLux Mulberry Silk Scrunchies don’t leave any creases in your hair.

By switching to a luxury silk scrunchie, you will feel the difference in your hair over time. And you’ll never have bed head again.

“I have customers telling me every day that going back to a regular hair elastic is out of the question, especially after they’ve experienced the benefits of our silk ones,” Badiceanu says. “Hair stylists love our silk scrunchies, and many salons in the Greater Toronto Area have expressed interest in carrying them.

“They don’t cause any creases in your hair,” Badiceanu says. “My slogan is ‘let real silk do the work.’”

The pure mulberry silk used in HoneyLux scrunchies is biodegradable and organic, and the pieces are nontoxic, consisting of only natural dyes.

Working in a way that’s protective of planet Earth is vital to the company, which is headquartered in Toronto. “You’re getting the best-grade, highest-quality silk scrunchie, and I also wanted to use the business as a platform to make a difference in the world and keep it very eco-friendly,” Badiceanu says.

“If every brand took a little bit of extra time and effort to reduce their plastic use, it would go so far,” she explains. “Our packaging is plastic-free. When items get shipped, they’re sent in a paper envelope. There’s nothing plastic. We have the luxury touch, but we’re keeping it green.”

You can style the attractive accessories up or down: wear them on a power walk, in a spin class, out on a patio for (socially distanced) drinks with the girls or for date night.

HoneyLux Mulberry Silk Scrunchies come in different sizes: skinny, deluxe, and large deluxe (which has double the silk and is especially voluminous). No matter which thickness suits you best, they all double as eye-catching accessories when worn on the wrist. “I always get compliments when I’m out,” Badiceanu says.

The pieces start at just $4.99 sold individually or in bundles of three in various colours and styles. They also make unique, thoughtful gifts.

Following the remarkable success of the scrunchies, HoneyLux has expanded its offerings.

Its Vanity Collection Mulberry Silk Headbands hold your hair back comfortably and beautifully, whether worn during your beauty routine or while out for lunch.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases make dreams come true, and not just because they feel heavenly on the skin. “They’re very good for aging because they can help decrease wrinkles,” Badiceanu says. “Cotton causes friction, and over time that affects your skin. Once I started sleeping on silk pillowcases, I knew I would never, ever go back to a regular pillowcase.”

“And you wake up with no bed head, no frizz,” she says. “Your hair is just so smooth.”

All HoneyLux pieces are easy to care for. Simply wash in lukewarm water with a pH-neutral soap, rinse with a small about of diluted vinegar (which helps maintain shine), and air or steam dry.

“This a revolutionary hair trend that’s fast gaining traction with women everywhere,” Badiceanu says. “Once you feel and see the benefits of luxurious HoneyLux Mulberry Silk Scrunchies for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.”

See the HoneyLux website or Instagram account for more information.


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