How to find pill-free positivity in your relationships and career

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There is no shortage of books, documentaries, public speakers or workshops promising solutions to everyday challenges in your relationships, mental health and career. They each bring forward a different approach to handling stress, dissatisfaction or chronic health issues caused by making bad decisions – and many do not require the use of behaviour-modifying medication such as anti-depressants.

The problem is not in the quality of help that’s available, but rather when we choose to access it. Generally, it’s not common to reach out for help when you aren’t experiencing a moment of acute crisis. But that’s exactly when the work needs to be done to strengthen your clarity of thought and coping strategies, so that when you go through a break-up or you lose your job, you’re well prepared to handle any negative impacts that may come.

Regularly engaging in self-betterment is something thousands of people already do, whether it’s through yoga classes, therapy or participating in the Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru. You may not have heard Sadhguru’s name before, but his incredibly popular YouTube videos and world-spanning tours of intensive workshops have developed a massive following. He is an author and speaker who utilizes what he calls the “inner science of yoga” to better connect people with themselves.

Recent attendees of his two-day workshops have expressed in online reviews that “I’ve learned to respect myself and forgive my shortcomings” and that “I am a calmer and more accepting human being.”

We reviewed some of our favourite Sadhguru videos on YouTube to pull together some of the wisdom you might encounter when he comes to visit on March 24 (event details and ticket info above).

On stress

In this video, Sadhguru talks about the possibility for challenging mindsets that bring us stress, starting with worrying about things we can’t control and then not actively participating in the things we can control. He says intelligence and perception are the two key factors necessary for being able to streamline stress into conscious, tangible actions that can help alleviate this type of anxiety.

On coping with break-ups

Regardless of whether you’ve just been dumped from a summer fling, or you’re going through a messy divorce process, Sadhguru’s approach to this difficult transition point is focused on how you internally navigate a difficult transition. He emphasizes that you – as in your mind, or your self-perception – is a backlog of memories and breaking up with someone often leads to an urge to kill that part of yourself. But, he says, this will only make things more painful. You cannot divorce yourself from yourself. 

On making a relationship work

Those who are seeking love or finding that they make bad decisions in relationships might benefit from Sadhguru’s thinking on why we should pursue relationships in the first place. In this video,  he explains that the reason why so many of us aren’t happy in our relationships is because we’re seeking happiness from others – instead of being in a relationship in order to express your own happiness. When two people who aren’t happy try to wring this quality out of the other, a relationship will not work. He suggests shifting your life from the pursuit of happiness to a life of expressing happiness. 

On smoking marijuana 

“All drugs are fundamentally experience-hunting,” says Sadhguru in this video. But as beneficial as that experience might seem, he believes that regular heavy smoking of marijuana makes you less capable of handling difficult situations in life. Meditation, on the other hand, offers a much more grounded way to naturally experience your mental landscape. The problem with marijuana, in his opinion, is that it decreases an ability to cope, so that while the individual smoker might seem peaceful and relaxed, they are in fact just like anyone else who hasn’t made the efforts to empower themselves.

On health

In the video below, Sadhguru theorizes that 80 percent of the illnesses that exist in the world are due to not using the body properly, meaning that we physically work far less than in the past. “If you lived here on this Earth 200 years ago, physically you would be doing 20 times more activity than what you’re doing now.” By drastically increasing exercise and cleaning up our diets, he thinks we could do away with the vast majority of illnesses. “Health,” he says, “is life happening well.”

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