How to get an affordable, prom-ready look at Yorkdale Mall

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Getting ready for prom can be pretty simple, but everyone who has experienced this rite of passage knows at least one person who messed up their look by either rushing things at the last minute or trying out a new style that didn’t suit them.

The number of choices to make includes getting the right shoes, dress or suit – not to mention how to style your hair. And then, for those who wear it, makeup brings its own lengthy deliberations.

In the past, your best bet for getting ready for prom would have been to run from store to store and try to cobble together something that works for you. And while online shopping has made it easier to buy anything you might need, nothing can really replace the face-to-face connection at a retail store you trust. It’s also a great way to build the confidence you need for the big night.

With this in mind, Yorkdale Mall has curated a new edition of their Concept space, focusing on a blend of exciting startups and established brands that are sharing new trends in a pop-up environment. Each new iteration of this space takes on a specific theme. In the past, it has included food-centric vendors among others. From now until mid-April, prom vendors you can find here include Honey, Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Warby Parker, Harry Rosen, Marciano and more.

“One of our vendors is the Yorkdale style expert,” says marketing director Mina Barbuto, referring to the mall’s own fashion concierge service. Right now, this service will cost students $25 per person. “They’re available to help customers find like the latest trends in fashion and accessories.”

An ever-changing retail space like this can act as a retail startup incubator, with immediate feedback from customers on what works for them. Barbuto explains that the brand curation process for Yorkdale is agile enough to work with business goals, whether it’s for a first-time retail operation or a company that has been around for years.

Some of the more familiar brands at Concept now include Dyson, which is running a pop-up service to showcase its products by offering free blowouts with hair consultations.

Matthew Collins, a hair stylist and Dyson brand ambassador, says his clients are mostly looking for classic styles lately. “For the ladies,” he says, “sleek and polished hair that’s pulled behind the ears, soft waves and slightly textured ponytails are always a hit.”

“For guys, a textured cut with some height or tight-cropped sides with a slick side part.”

If you get a haircut that you absolutely love, Collins suggests asking lots of questions, “from what brushes they use to what sprays.” That will help your chances of replicating the look on prom night.

Those who decide to shop for their prom essentials at the Concept space in Yorkdale Mall will have a chance to win back the value of their shopping purchases. You can also get an extra ballot to enter if you take a selfie with your Yorkdale purchase. 

There are only a few weeks left to check out this lineup of vendors, so any prom-goers hoping to make a memorable impression should make the move now.

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