I want… Joshna Maharaj

Joshna Maharaj, chef at the ROM's Food Studio,.

Joshna Maharaj, chef at the ROM’s Food Studio, is also a contributor to The Edible City ($24.95, Coach House). Not surprisingly, food figures prominently on her gift lists.


Best gift you’ve ever given?

It’s become a holiday tradition for me to stock my family’s freezers with soups, chili, cakes and cookie dough. That way, I get lovely messages through the following weeks about how much they’re enjoying the food.

Best gift you’ve ever received?

One year, a group of my friends decided we’d splash out on a fantastic dinner together in lieu of gifts. Those good times around the table were cherished much more than anything you could unwrap.

What’s on your list this year?

Believe it or not, I’m hoping for some warm socks, flannel sheets and some solid hangin’ out with my family.

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