Theres finally a dating app that doesnt want you on your phone

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Dating apps are a crucial part of finding romance in the digital age, but sometimes it  feels like you’re spending way more quality time with your phone than your dates. 

Too often, finding a date becomes a numbers game with users endlessly swiping in the  hope of making a connection. Conversations go nowhere, or flirtations can fizzle out before you even get to  meet-up. And even when you do manage to set up a date, how can you be sure they’re the person they say they are?

Luckily, there’s now a dating app that ends all that aimless swiping and online small-talk. The Inner Circle is focused on making genuine matches and moving things offline as quickly as possible so you can cut right to the part where the sparks fly. But what sets The Inner Circle apart? 

Verified members

All applications are manually checked by The Inner Circle’s staff. That means there’s a bit of a waiting period to get started, but it deters window-shoppers, would-be ghosters, and the other irritating time-wasters that plague other online dating platforms. In short, you’re infinitely more likely to be shown other singles who are just as ready to forge a real-life attachment as you are.

Members also fill out an in-depth profile that includes your goals, career, hobbies, favourite local hangouts (including bars, restaurants and gyms), and other personal details. From there, you’re good to go. The Inner Circle is, mercifully, a 100% swipe-free zone. You’re matched with other members based on similarities— meaning you can skip the corny ice-breakers and leap right into talking about your shared interests.

Listing your fave local spots means a few things. You can find people who frequent the same spaces, see if the cutie you’re chatting with has the same favourite cafe, or you can cut to the chase and search for people based on where they like to hang out, then shoot them a message.

So if you’re finally ready to put down the phone and take your search for love offline, The Inner Circle will have you standing face-to-face with someone new and exciting before you know it. 

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