Moving? Here’s what to look for in a home internet service provider

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Since the pandemic began in 2020, Canadians have been spending much more time at home. Whether you’ve been working remotely, home-schooling your children or replacing social activities with hours of YouTube videos, a reliable internet connection has been essential.

If you’re not satisfied with your current connection and the company’s underwhelming customer service, consider switching to another internet service provider (ISP). 

Canadian telecommunications company Diallog has been offering dependable voice and data solutions to Canadian businesses since 1998. Over the past two years, Diallog has expanded its high value service to homes. The independent ISP is best known for its superior customer service and technical support.

It’s important to remember that when switching ISPs, there are more options than the two large telecommunication companies in the area – you’ve got choices. Changing providers is not a decision that should be taken lightly and there are several factors to consider when conducting your research. 

Customer service

There are few things more frustrating than trying to explain your pressing internet issues to a customer service chatbot. Even with the most reliable internet connection, you’ll likely still experience some spottiness or technical issues in the future. That’s why it’s crucial to have an ISP that can provide you with technical support and troubleshooting, if needed. 

“We’re here to help make your onboarding and support experience as pleasant as possible,” says Eugene Nae, the director of Finance and Operations at Diallog. “We prioritize following up with our customers and what sets us apart is the fact that we connect with our customers directly to ensure that they have a positive experience.”

The process of switching ISPs can feel like a hassle, which is why you need to find the most dependable and trustworthy company possible. Otherwise you’ll have to repeat the entire switching process in a year or so if you’re not satisfied. 

“Independent ISPs are unable to upgrade the physical network or the speeds available in a neighbourhood but what we can influence is the quality of the support, timeliness of resolving issues and the responsiveness of our team,” says Nae. 

By reading user reviews and testimonials online, you can get a good sense of how the ISP treats its customers.


The speed of your internet is based on the physical connection from the Central Office to the modem – this is the speed that ISPs can guarantee. When it comes to the speed of the Wi-Fi in your home, this can never be guaranteed. There are several factors that can impact its function, including interference from other devices, wall construction, your own device capabilities or your device’s distance from the router. 

“If the physical connection is the problem, the team at Diallog immediately sets up a ticket and sends out a technician. Within a day or two, the technician visits the customer’s home to repair the wiring as needed. We can’t improve the WiFi speed if the raw connection isn’t there,” says Nae. 

Networks and providers available

The first step in finding an ISP is researching the providers that serve the area that you live in. Many people are unaware that in Ontario, there are more options than Bell and Rogers. 

We rely on the internet to stay connected with friends and family, to share and receive information and to entertain us when we’re bored. It’s become an essential service on a global scale.  

“Choosing a dependable provider is key,” he says. “Our name ‘Diallog’ keeps with the spirit of communications and connecting people through technology. Our goal is to listen to customers and understand their unique needs to build a better telecommunications company.”


When searching for a new ISP and a plan that fits your internet requirements, the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best choice. Many companies lock you in a contract, don’t provide unlimited internet access, charge cancellation fees and even tack on hidden fees mentioned in the fine print.

“A customer should never be locked into a fixed-term contract. There are a lot of offers where the price is relatively low but when they read the fine print, the cost is set to double after six months. These situations are stressful and result in the customer switching providers again,” says Nae.

Instead of looking for cheap internet coverage, consider the quality of the customer support and connection – customers get what they pay for. 

Diallog’s home plans start at $30 per month and include the installation of a wide-coverage WiFi router. Home phone bundles are also available.

To learn about Diallog’s internet service options, submit a service availability inquiry here. For more information, visit, or call 1-844-342-5564.

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