New dating app only lets you talk to two people at once

Peel, created by two Toronto developers, limits the number of conversations you can have at one time in an effort to create "meaningful" interactions

Two Toronto developers have created an app that lets you talk to just two people at once in an effort to forge more “meaningful” interactions and help daters find serious relationships.

Peel, which launched last month, is marketing itself as an antidote to apps that let you endlessly rack up matches – which, the owners say, ends up being more of a focus than actually chatting up new people.

“(Other apps) all focus on getting tons of matches and receiving the approval of strangers that we are datable, but this astonishing amount of solicitation results in very few interesting conversations and even less dates,” co-founder Anthony Riera says. “Down the line, having too many options leads to not being able to make a choice and stick with it.”

The endless queue of swipe-able matches has been cited by Toronto singles as a major frustration with apps, with the lure of the unknown – and the easy dopamine hit of the swipe mechanism – leading to dropped conversations as users get bored and head back to the feed.

To match with someone, you need to respond to an “icebreaker” question they’ve placed on their profile, which the founders say will hopefully get a conversation started better than your usual one-word message (which – fun fact – is how 25 per cent of men start dating app convos). Learn more about Peel here.


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