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Rating: NNNNNWho Ontario College of Art and Design student Sarah Battarino.When Saturday, 1 am.Where Outside the Reverb.Clothes.

Rating: NNNNN

Who Ontario College of Art and Design student Sarah Battarino.

When Saturday, 1 am.

Where Outside the Reverb.

Clothes “I like to be a trend-setter, not a trend follower. My clothing has to reflect my personality. I got my scarf from Sears (905-898-4686, and others) for $7 the cotton gloves, $9, and handbag, $10, from Zellers (905-895-1100, and others) and my pinstripe dress pants at Dynamite (905-954-1417, and others) for $40 all inside the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket (17600 Yonge, 905-895-1961). My earmuffs came from the Eaton Centre a few years ago, but I can’t remember the name of the store. My faux fur coat was a lucky score at Exile (20 Kensington, 416-596-0827), about $40. My patent-leather rubber-heeled boots were $100 at the House of Ill Repute (469 Queen West, 416-203-0170). I’m not defined by mainstream designer labels.”

Style “Unique but diverse. I like funky stuff that’s out of the ordinary, like a shirt that has a pocket in an unusual area.”

Hair “I do it myself. I wash it and up it goes.”

Into “The creation of art, mythology, animal print items, punk, metal and industrial music. And I’m really into reading Anne Rice and classics by Homer and Dante.”

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