My Style

Rating: NNNNNWho Spud.When Monday, 3 pm. Where Near Kensington Market. Clothes "I got.

Rating: NNNNN

Who Spud.

When Monday, 3 pm.

Where Near Kensington Market.

Clothes “I got my black 14-hole Dr. Martens free from my friend Dave, the drummer for Dirty Bird. I made my pants myself. The patches are from bands I’ve seen and political ideologies I support, such as Fuck War, anti-racism, DRA and OCAP. My green hoodie was recycled from the garbage, my black leather jacket was $30 from Shoneys Clothing (222 Augusta, 416-979-0700), and I pinched my chain wallet from a store seven years ago.”

Hair“This is a Bi-Hawk style. Today it’s down, but it’s usually up. I cut and dye it myself.”

Style “Everything your parents would hate 100 per cent pure Canadian drunk punk.”

Into “Drinking, screwing, drinking again, friends, music that punches you in the face and slams your beer down your throat.”

upcoming “I’m waiting to get the stitches cut off my finger.”

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