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Rating: NNNNNWho: Freelance hairstylist and mom Veronica Ciandre.When: Sunday afternoon. Where: The Black To My Roots event at.

Rating: NNNNN

Who: Freelance hairstylist and mom Veronica Ciandre.

When: Sunday afternoon.

Where: The Black To My Roots event at Harbourfront Centre.

Clothes: “I have a knack for mixing the expensive with the inexpensive. My GSUS shirt isn’t a symbol of Christian religion, but relates to a part of my spiritual path, which is to attain Christ consciousness. I got it at Due West Clothing Co. (431 Queen West, 416-593-6267) for $75. I got these cross earrings made of bone in the summer when I was at Afrofest. I always wear jewellery it’s a feeling thing, not a fashion thing. I have a strong connection to cowrie shells I think they’re beautiful. I got my cowrie shell ring in New York City for about $25. My cowrie shell choker I made in Jamaica a number of years ago. And there’s a silver cowrie shell from South Africa on my middle-length necklace. As well, there are small gold pieces that used to belong to my mother. The rest of the necklace I found on my bedpost when I was staying in Jamaica. On the bottom of my longest necklace there are two gris gris boxes (a kind of talisman) whose contents are sacred. I got them when I was in Sierra Leone. On the bottom of the necklace is a Shepherd’s watch that I got as a birthday present. My wrist watch was another gift. It’s a really beautiful limited-edition Twelve Tribes of Israel Elka watch. I bought my turquoise ring when I was in New Mexico for about $60. My glasses are from Karir Fashion Eyewear (138 Cumberland, 416-975-0536) for about $200. My cobra-skin boots are from Corbo Boutique (131 Bloor West, 416-928 0954). I don’t want to tell anyone how much I paid for them! I got this inexpensive beige suede jacket from Le Chateau (2300 Yonge, 416-483-4699) for about $100. My ultra-low hipster jeans are a Japanese label called Kosiuko cost $190 at Over the Rainbow (101 Yorkville, 416-967-7448).”

Hair “I’ve been growing my bum-length dreadlocks for over 15 years, and they are all mine!” Style “Upscale bohemian Afrocentric city girl.” Into “Reading, travelling, meditation, creating things, stargazing and going to the beach, all with my beautiful daughter.”

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