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Rating: NNNNNWHO: Abi Hod, "Madame Hempress" of Roach-o-Rama.WHEN: Tuesday at 11:15 am.WHERE: In front of Roach-o-Rama (191A Baldwin, 416-203-6990).CLOTHES --.

Rating: NNNNN

WHO: Abi Hod, “Madame Hempress” of Roach-o-Rama.

WHEN: Tuesday at 11:15 am.

WHERE: In front of Roach-o-Rama (191A Baldwin, 416-203-6990).

CLOTHES — “My chocolate-brown hoodie sweater was $40 from Mendocino (294 Queen West, 416-593-1011). My blue hemp jeans were $70, and my brown-and-white coconut-and-fish-spine necklace was $8, both from Roach-o-Rama. I got my carved black-with-hints-of-beige goat-hoof earrings from a vendor at a music festival for $5, while my blue glasses were $115 from Lenscrafters (for locations, call 1-800-465-5367 no-charge dial). These off-beige platform moccasin shoes were about $30 from In-Shoes (241 and 264 Spadina, 416-351-0315). My dog Tashi came from the Toronto Humane Society (11 River, 416-392-2273) and is wearing a hemp collar and leash made by my boyfriend.”

STYLE –“Au naturel. Groovy.”

HAIR — “My dreads are a seven-year home job and they are not just there for fashion.”

INTO “Smoking big phatties while watching the news. Just kickin’ it.”

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