NOW Futures Profile: Dorothy Eng

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NOW is hosting a Digital Literacy Day event on May 31st at the Centre for Social Innovation. We’re showcasing the speakers who will be there to discuss how technology is impacting our lives and what’s to come in the future. See all of the profiles here. 

What do you do in your industry? 

I oversee our partnerships at Code for Canada (non-profit). So basically, I do fundraising/sponsorship with corporations and sales/consulting with governments

Name one technology advancement that has impacted your life more than any other.

The internet.

Do you think the tech industry has any blind spots or weaknesses that need to be addressed? 

Yes: lack of diversity in development teams.

What are some ways we can improve digital literacy amongst communities where advanced technology is not readily accessible?

Developing policies that begin with user research in those communities. 

What’s one way Toronto has excelled at adopting technology city-wide? 

Libraries are very technologically-advanced and offer a welcoming environment to all residents, regardless of level of digital literacy. 

Name someone in your industry who inspires you – and tell us why.

Ontario’s chief digital officer, Hillary Hartley, who emphasizes that it’s the processes behind technology and design that can be used to make people/residents feel like their voices have been heard. 

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