Q&A: Logan Dunn of Dunn Cannabis

Legalization was supposed to usher in a new era for Canada as a global leader in cannabis. Three years later, craft cannabis producers continue to experience enormous hurdles transitioning to the legal market – with a few exceptions. We sat down with one of them, BC micro producer Logan Dunn of Dunn Cannabis, to discuss what a sustainable industry in Canada looks like. 

Why is craft cannabis so important to you?

Cannabis means the world to me. Cannabis gives us an opportunity to connect with people of all sorts in a time where human connection is needed most. It’s a very powerful and emotional product that can connect us all. With legalization, now we have an opportunity to reduce the negative stigma attached to this product. Consumers, the new and the experienced, are more interested now than ever and want to learn more.  

What have been some hurdles?

Major challenges with legalization primarily surround new laws and bylaws. Nothing was written and municipalities have been just waiting for their neighbours to make the first move. City planners really have no experience in the space and are tasked with writing the rules. Understandably, they want to start slow. This is the climate we are in now. 

How can craft producers compete in a crowded market?

It’s hard to sell something you can’t see on a shelf with hundreds of other mystery boxes, so we are focused on building trust so that consumers can feel confident with our products. Showcasing our high terpene flavours and potent THC cannabis experience is what we are all about.

Where do small farmers fit in?

Provinces are in discussions about rolling out a farm-to-retail program that offers financial incentives to smaller producers to get involved. It’s a great opportunity to create new jobs and fresher quality products.

What can consumers do to help the industry thrive?

We have all been affected by this global pandemic, but the small businesses questioning their future need your support the most. The future of cannabis in Canada is a quality product from smaller producers that can deliver love and service. Not only should customers have a very positive cannabis experience, but they should also have the support they need to make sure they have successful experiences in the future.   

Lisa Campbell is CEO of Mercari Agency Limited.

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