HEIR kid offers streetwear style to grade-schoolers

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HEIR kid

Where did the idea for HEIR kid come from?

HEIR started shortly after my son, Ben was born. I mainly wear dark and neutral colours in a streetwear aesthetic, but found it very hard to find clothes for Ben with the same vibe. He didn’t even look like my kid when when we went out. So we started HEIR as a way of filling a void in the market that only had vibrant loud colours and childish patterns. Aside from the need in the marketplace, HEIR was also created as a way for my business partners and me to leave something behind for our children. Hence the name HEIR. 

How would you describe HEIR kid to new potential customers?

HEIR is a kids’ clothing line for the fashion- and quality-conscious parent – parents who appreciate details and durability. Our line ranges from elevated, high-quality basics to tailored and refined show pieces. 

What is your dream for HEIR kid?

The dream for HEIR kid is to be a household name, a brand associated with quality and style. We want the brand to represent children of all diversities and lifestyles. We’d love to have small handful of flagships around the world someday and be a living part of communities and be involved in local cultures.

What is the most popular item or service you’re offering customers right now?

Our most popular items are our layered pieces. It’s a popular trend in menswear that we brought over to the childrenswear world and has done really well for us. It’s a 350gsm cotton overlay atop a Lycra ribbing underlayer. On the layered hoodie, we have a shiny metal-looking zipper that’s actually plastic to prevent any scratches. 

What challenges do local retailers have when it comes to accessing retail space?

For one, retail space isn’t cheap. Especially good space with traffic. Toronto real estate is no joke. We’ve been lucky with the CONCEPT store at Yorkdale and the opportunities they’ve granted us in participating. To be in our country’s most prestigious mall at this point in our company’s life is a huge blessing.

How will participating in the CONCEPT space for pop-ups improve your efforts to find new customers?

Being a kid’s brand, we really needed to be in a space where a lot of families frequented. I’ve been going to Yorkdale since I was a kid with my parents and have seen how family-oriented the mall is. Before CONCEPT, we were relying on our own personal networks to come through and hoping for someone online to discover us. At Yorkdale, the discovery power is beyond anything we had access to before. We’ve been able to tap the masses and not just a niche market.  

Where can customers find you online to learn more?

heirkid.com and yorkdale.com.

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