Toronto designer Alexandra Reinis wants to help you bring your ideas to life

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“It’s all about your ideas. Let’s visualize,” exclaims Alexandra Reinis, founder of AVR Creative & Interior Design.

The Toronto designer and stylist relies on her intuition – and her background in interior design and public relations – to help steer clients towards the ideal presentation of their concept. Whether that’s a restaurant window, a web series or a music video – or just nudging an Instagram influencer to their best self – Reinis specializes in making a connection with her clients, and building their worlds around them.

“Come and talk to me and tell me what you think,” she says. “There’s no judgment, there’s no bias. Let’s be open! Let’s pick your brain, and how we can how we can bring it to some sort of a creative life.”

The trick, she explains, is finding the style and mood that’s already there in front of her, and building on top of it.

“You’ve got to look at their clothing, their textures, the energy,” she says. And her approach isn’t necessarily restricted to individuals; she’s applied it to film shoots and music videos as well. “The models or actors, what kind of vibe are they giving off? If it’s masculine or feminine energy, that’s got to be portrayed in your art direction. I like to have that versatility.”

Since launching AVR Creative & Interior Design in 2019, Reinis has worked with a number of clients in a number of modes; you might have seen her Christmas window designs at KARE Toronto, or noticed Mississauga’s Bombay Frankie looking a little spiffier after her makeover. And her Instagram page has been drawing new business, including that music video mentioned above. 

“They reached out to me!” she says. “They were like, ‘I love your page, it’s so creative. We want you to help us with this!’”

That led to a multiple-location shoot around the city, each one offering different challenges for Reinis to solve. 

“There was a beach scene, and then we went to a rooftop parking lot in downtown Toronto with a sports car, and then we took it to a studio with a motorcycle and pyro effects and backup dancers. It was a love story, and making it was like taking a romance book and putting it into action. I can’t wait for it to come out.”

It’s all part of a lifelong enthusiasm for artistic discovery that she’s doing her best to pass along to her kids. Not that it’s been terribly difficult, mind you.

“My older daughter, she’s nine, she’s very artistic as well,” Reinis says. “We always did a lot of art and painting together.”

Reinis also prides herself on drawing inspiration from the distinctive look of the city, as much as she does from the people who live in it.

“Look at brutalism, right?” she says. “These concrete structures – very cold, but hard to destroy. I really feed off that energy; I love working with stone and concrete. But then I also like working with the natural elements – flowers and trees and daisies and butterflies. 

She laughs. “I can go soft, or I can go hard.”

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