Ride local with Rocket Lumber Skateboards line of vintage cruisers


While he pursues a career as a woodworker in Toronto, Jason Gagne is keeping at least one foot planted on a different kind of board.

Growing up with a passion for board sports, especially snowboarding, Gagne seeks to combine his knack for craftsmanship with his need for a suitable board to cruise around on in the summer months. The result is Rocket Lumber Skateboards, a recently launched line of old-school pinstripe skateboards made from locally sourced and salvaged Toronto lumber.

The wood itself comes from arborist connections he made while assisting at the Atelier One Five workshop.

When a tree is cut down in Toronto its kept in a yard until a portable mill slabs the wood for us and then its dry-kilned for a period of time until its ready to be worked with, Gagne explains. This lumber would otherwise find its way into landfills.

Stylish, sustainable, artfully engineered and a great alternative to Torontos other Rocket, Gagnes beautiful decks ooze the vintage cool of the 70s Hollywood skate scene (short shorts sold separately). With boards available as standard 31 bombers or 39 longboards, theyre a little slice of nostalgia for all sidewalk surfers, skate rats and cube gleamers.

Rocket Lumber Skateboards are currently available online and at Longboard Living in Kensington Market.

Find out more at rocketlumber.tumblr.com.

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