Start planning your post-pandemic trip to these four places in Turkey

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Last updated on November 18th, 2020 at 05:14 pm

With autumn’s cooler temperatures right around the corner, many people are itching to escape to a warmer destination. But with thespread of COVID-19, travellers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This gives future jet setters the opportunity to slow down, research and thoroughly plan their perfect post-pandemic trip.

One popular tourist destination, Turkey, is eager to welcome back international visitors when it is safe to travel again. To enter this country straddling Europe and Asia, each traveller must have an e-Visa, which permits a stay up to three months in the country. The Turkey e-Visa replaces the sticker or stamp visas formerly issued at border crossings. Those planning their trip can click here for Further information about Turkey Visa

With an e-Visa, Canadians can enter Turkey once travel restrictions are lifted. Until that happens, we can dream about visiting these four spectacular destinations.


This is where so many photographers have taken those gorgeous photos of hot air balloons against a colourful sunset. Cappadocia is located in central Turkey and is known for its chimney-like rock formations, which were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. The central region of Turkey is semi-arid and filled with hiking trails around rock formations that lead to stunning views of the setting sun. Travellers are sure to feel as if they’re living in a fairy tale.


Antalya is a resort city located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, popular with visitors hoping to spend their vacation time cruising or sailing along the coastline, swimming in the ocean or tanning on the beach. When visiting Antalya, you can also give the sand and salty water a break and go see the Düden Waterfalls, Republic Square, or buy some souvenirs at the Antalya Bazaar. This vibrant city is rich with history and features several must-see monuments constructed thousands of years ago.


Unlike any other town in Turkey, Pamukkale is famous for thermal pools. These were naturally formed in vibrant, white calcium-coated cliffs. Guests can bathe in the warm travertines while admiring the unforgettablerocky landscape. If travellers want a respite from the sun, they can visit the Church of Columns, the St. Philip Martyrium and Gravesite or one of the area’s many spa resortsfor a massage. History buffs must stop at the town’s archeological museum, which is located near many ancient temples and theatres and filled with thought-provoking artifacts.


Pergamon is an ancient Greek city located in the western Turkish district of Bergama. Highlights include the remains of historic monuments, includingthe Pergamum Acropolis, which is a cluster of temples and a theatre perched atop a steep hill. The historic city is home to many architectural structuresconstructed during the Hellenistic, Roman, and Ottomon periods. Pergamon is in close proximity to the turquoise Aegean Sea, ideal for a swim after a long day of sightseeing in the hot sun.

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