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Rating: NNNNNThe information age has revolutionized education. Laptops have replaced notebooks, and getting info on the Web has made encyclopedias.

Rating: NNNNN

The information age has revolutionized education. Laptops have replaced notebooks, and getting info on the Web has made encyclopedias almost obsolete. It’s also made cheating and wasting time even easier.

Here are a few crucial sites to make those three (four? five? six?) best years of your life go even more smoothly. Happy learning.

Sure, you could splash out big bucks and blow your entire student loan on a fancy new Apple Cube. Or you could buy a used computer and have some cash left over for records and beer. In addition to new equipment, CPused buys and sells used Macs, often at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Everything is guaranteed, and the shop’s product list is updated regularly as new stuff arrives. Those burdened with a PC can check out www.pcused. com.

Run by the fine folks who brought us the Death Test (predict the day of your demise) and Ask Jesus (self- explanatory), SparkNotes are remarkably comprehensive breakdowns of books studied in lit classes. Those without the time to properly consume Anna Karenina, The Bluest Eye or As I Lay Dying can get the basic info and more from these free chapter summaries and overviews written by Harvard graduates.

Maybe you don’t have time to come up with a brilliant term paper on your own. Plagiarism is bad and will send you home from school early, but if you need a little kick-start, there are several places online that sell, uh, ideas. has more than 20,000 papers on every possible topic. These are for research only, and must be cited in your own work.

If researching and writing your own paper seems like a drag and your credit card hasn’t been sliced in half yet, you can always pay to have someone do the work for you. and will create a paper for you to hand in. It will cost you — up to $20 U.S. per page — but you’ll look smart.,

You might need a part-time job to help pay for all those forged term papers. These two sites list thousands of jobs in every possible sector. Your already overburdened parents will thank you.

Procrastination and education go hand in hand. When you just want to do nothing, go here and watch other people be active. Killing time was never so easy.

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