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Three things I would do to make T.O. more bike-friendly

TAMMY THORNE, Managing editor, Dandyhorse

“Cycling promotion needs more funding. Public health should be involved. The city has to encourage people to start using their bikes as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.”

• Create car-free zones, or pedestrian malls, on St. George and portions of Queen.

“A few public air pumps along well-used bike routes would be great, too!”

• Separate bike lanes from traffic, like the new lanes in New York City.

“I believe the city is studying the possibility of bollards or a green boulevard on Adelaide and Richmond or Wellington and Front. Many people don’t want to ride on arterials with fast traffic, but they still want to commute to work by bike.”

• Build off-road and park paths.

“All our off-road paths need to be connected. That’s the key to getting our suburban friends into utilitarian cycling. Think Route Verte (Quebec City).”

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