The Inner Circle brings local events to your dating app life

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In some ways, dating seems easier than ever. Gone are the days of having to approach a stranger in public. Now you can just keep swiping until you find someone.

But with the onslaught of apps, dating fatigue is real. Sometimes too many options make us less likely to choose anyone at all. That’s where The Inner Circle comes in. With a focus on curation, they bring you relevant matches so you can, hopefully, spend less time swiping.

The Inner Circle provides a variety of options that help focus in on someone you actually have things in common with. Upon joining, you’re asked if you are a carnivore or herbivore, sports junkie or arts lover and so on, creating an algorithm that displays people you are more likely to click with.

It also provides spots to talk about who you are, which cities you love most, what you like to to do in the city, where you like to eat and drink and also shows you how you might be connected to this person via Facebook’s six degrees of separation. Name and age are usually a given on other apps, but it also provides a space for your actual home base — not just where you are currently (so you can avoid matching with non-locals a little easier).

It also allows options. Full membership allows you to see who exactly has viewed your profile, and you can wink at someone if you haven’t yet matched with them. You can also message without having already matched, which is rare to find in most conventional dating apps.

It also allows you to organize potential matches by who is currently online, who is near you, and who is new to the app so you can get right to what you’re hoping to find. The main member page also lets you find users who share your birthday. The secret match feature shows you four members and you get to click on the one you think (or hope) wanted to match with you.

Most important is the events section. Yes, dating has come down to an app on your phone, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. The Inner Circle’s latest development is a focus on in-person, local events where members can casually meet up in person, without any date pressure.  These events happen in cities all over the world, so if you’re travelling, having the app is a great way to find locals to hang out with. Last month, The Inner Circle threw a Summer Dreams bash at The Fifth that sold out fast, so keep your eye on the discover tab to find out where and when the next Toronto event will be. You might just meet the love of your life.

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