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Rating: NNNNNAll year long, NOW's Alt-health writers tap the wisdom of holistic healers from parts near and far. Here's the.

Rating: NNNNN

All year long, NOW’s Alt-health writers tap the wisdom of holistic healers from parts near and far. Here’s the sagest advice we culled in 2001.

1 ON GROWING HEALING PLANTS “You need to starve your herbs. Put
them in the worst part of your garden and ignore them.” JEAN PAUL
LEMARCHE, Humber Nurseries

2 SURVIVING BAD PERIODS “Menstrual tension is a result of the
conflict between a woman’s heart and the tribal rules.” VIRGINIA LOWE, Massage

3 TO ATTRACT LOVE “A few grains of dill seed in the bathwater
make the bather irresistible to the suitor desired most.” MARGARET
McNORTON, Herbalist

4 THRIVING IN THE DARK OF WINTER “Full moon ceremonies provide a
source of re-energizing. The moon is the sun of the night — it lights up the
darkness.” WANDA WHITEBIRD, Bear Clan, Spiritual Adviser (Mi’kmaq)

5 EATING TO KEEP HAPPY “Ice cream is the worst thing for the
spleen — it leads to brooding. Deep-fried spicy or hot food results in anger
and frustration. Anything salty or cold aggravates feelings of fear.” MARY
WONG, Doctor Of Chinese Medicine

6 BUTTING OUT WITH GRACE “I suggest a tincture made of equal
parts lobelia (aka Indian tobacco), which contains alkaloids similar to
nicotine, and licorice root. Use American ginseng and scullcap for stress.
Avoid smoky bars and film-noir movies.” CELIA AINSWORTH, Herbalist

7 FOREVER BEAUTIFUL “You earn wrinkles and grey hair they show
you’ve journeyed. Developing a strong sense of self is one of the healthiest
things one can do.” JEN GREEN, Naturopath

8 SAVE YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN “Green tea and aloe vera may be
protective. Antioxidants like vitamin E and C are under study. My advice is to
be happy with your skin colour.” CHERYL ROSEN, Dermatologist

9 OUTLIVING YOUR JAVA HABIT “Coffee drinkers are dehydrated,
which causes severe fatigue. So drink lots of water.” TARI LEE CORNISH, Nutritionist

10 NURTURING THE SPIRIT AFTER ABORTION “The most creative ritual
involves the woman connecting with the fetus as one sacred being to another,
explaining why she had come to that decision and saying goodbye.”

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