Top four-legged fashion looks for your dog this season

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Fall and winter fashion trends are starting to peak right now – but not just for humans. Dog-lovers are gaining access to a growing variety of stylish, functional and – yes, of course – adorable options for dressing their pups.

For those who haven’t yet discovered the convenience of a solid pair of winter booties or how much smaller dogs enjoy a bit of added warmth in the wee morning hours of a Toronto winter, you’re in luck. We’ve collected some of our favourite canine clothing available at The Dog Market (2116 Queen East) – our newly crowned winner of Best Pet Store in NOW’s Readers’ Choice poll.

Top Doggie Fashion Looks

It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that just like us, dogs lose heat from their necks. You can keep them cozy and looking seasonal with a Snood from Gold Paw Series. It’s not quite a scarf, not quite a hood. This allows your dog’s face to remain unobstructed as they chase after snowballs or look for the perfect place to do their business. Prices range depending on size.

Dog bodyguard-gray_wide.jpg

Yes, dogs can wear pants – and you’ll be happy they do on muddy days. These all-weather dog pants from Fou Fou Brands come in a range of sizes, feature a U-shaped cut out where your dog needs it and they’re made with waterproof fabric that’s machine-washable. One of the big benefits of suiting up with these is that you’ll be able to reduce the amount of dirt and snowballs your dog will accumulate and bring into your home.

RuffWear dog boots.jpg

Unless your dog’s outdoor activities in the fall and winter are restricted to a back patio, dog boots are a must-have item. Textured boots prevent the kind of slipping around that bother some dogs, and it’ll also keep the salt off of them too. They attach over the ankle with simple Velcro fasteners. The cost of a set of four boots at The Dog Market will vary depending on size and style.


Leaving your dog at home while you run some errands? You can either crank your heat and watch your monthly bill grow, or you can slip some cute pajamas onto your furry roommate. Great for indoor use and made from breathable cotton, these fashionable PJs will also keep excessive hair off your furniture. 


The blinding white glare from wide-open, snowy landscapes can be too much for some house-bound dogs to handle. For a long time, they just had to deal with it – but dog eyewear has grown in popularity recently. A pair of Doggles allow your pup to see clearly through sunny weather and will come in handy particularly when you’re on longer outdoor treks. 

trilogy jacket.jpg

Despite that full coat of fur, your dog can still get a nasty chill in the fall and winter. A fleece-lined jacket provides that extra layer of comfort to get outside for some active and healthy playtime. The Dog Market features a number of dog sweaters and jackets, including a wide selection from RC Pets. These pet garments can also help with visibility outdoors, like when you’re taking your pup out on local trails.

RC Dog Harness.jpg

One of the must-have items for any small dog owner is a harness, especially if you’re going to be walking in public spaces with leash requirements and don’t want your dog to be collared all the time. A harness lets you maintain firm control over where your wee companion can roam, all while not restricting its body movements. You can also make it a more fashionable accessory by selecting a design print that suits the season.

Lobster Chihuahua.jpg

The Dog Market also features a selection of pet costumes, including some seasonal options that will bring a lot of joy to your home. The key to a great costume for your dog comes with finding a combination of functional features – such as plenty of open space around the face and the back legs – with a visual concept that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. 

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