Toronto flower delivery app Cadoh takes the stress out of sending arrangements

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Sending a bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful and rather uncomplicated way to make someone in your life feel special. 

Whether you’re ordering a picturesque arrangement for your significant other on your anniversary or for your friend on their birthday, fresh flowers are the perfect acknowledgment. They can also express sympathy, show love, or uplift someone who is going through a difficult time.

Cadoh, a flower delivery and marketplace app, makes sending flowers to your loved ones in Toronto a lot easier. The app connects users to local florists around the recipient’s area, similar to a food delivery app. But instead of ordering a large cheese pizza, you’re choosing between roses, stargazer lilies, carnations, and tulips.

“Cadoh was created to encourage people to support small and local floral businesses around the recipient’s area. Furthermore, it was designed with a core focus on being simple and convenient with no minimums, phone calls, and full transparency on delivery logistics,” said Natalie Krause, founder of Cadoh. “We take pride in working closely with our florists to ensure that each order is beneficial to their business while being able to deliver beautiful arrangements to you or your loved ones.”

The app streamlines the entire process, making flower delivery simple, reliable, and at your fingertips. Once a user downloads the app, they can enter the address of the recipient and scroll through the florists that are closest in proximity. 

After selecting an arrangement most complimentary to their preferences, users can add a personalized card note or any special instructions to the florist.

When ordering flowers from a shop, customers are often left with a collection of forms and emails, with no ability to track where their arrangement is in the process. But with Cadoh, the experience is stress-and hassle-free as users can live track their delivery once an order is placed and confirmed.

Cadoh works closely with florists in Toronto to make sure that each order is helping businesses while showcasing the uniqueness of their style. In order to support local florists, the app keeps its partner service fee to a minimum as many are still navigating pandemic-related challenges. Cadoh encourages florists to focus on embracing their creativity when building arrangements.

Cadoh is currently available on iOS only, with plans to launch an Android and web app in the near future. Delivery is currently available in Toronto to areas with postal codes that begin with an “M.”

To send a bouquet and support local florists, download Cadoh on the app store. For updates, follow Cadoh on Instagram.

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