Vanja Vasic

Toronto street style

Vanja Vasic, Director of Toronto Arts and Fashion Week aka FAT.

What does style mean to you? Style is an expression of who you are as a person, a way to make an aesthetic statement and a way to communicate your personality in a social context. It’s a medium of communication and expression.

What is your personal style? I incorporate versatility into my wardrobe, and purchase items that can go from casual to elegant to more edgy through different combinations and accessories.

Favourite part of Toronto? I love taking the streetcar along Queen from west to east and seeing the city transform along the way.



  • Jacket is Laundry by Design from Century 21 in New York
  • Tights – Winners
  • Hat – La Krause Headwear by Toronto based designer Lori-Anne Krausewitz
  • Boots – Kensington Market yard sale
  • Bag – Caban purchased many years ago, and worn non stop
  • Ring – Dandi Maestre from the AGO gift shop
  • Necklace:- an old belt that I got as a gift from a friend
  • Vintage Dress – Value Village
  • Scarf – Movement from Shopgirls [rssbreak]

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