Vogue likes us. It really likes us!

And Rachel McAdams has great taste in Toronto shops.

Sure, January’s Vogue cover story is really a profile of actress Rachel McAdams illustrated with a series of sultry Mario Testino-shot photos of the Sherlock Holmes star lounging around in floral Dolce and a questionable up-do. But Sally Singer’s profile also offers Toronto readers the dorky satisfaction of seeing our city described in print by an outsider media outlet with massive circulation.

Singer writes the story Keel’s Simple Diary-style with a tone that’s a more US-than-Vogue “Rachel McAdams, she’s just like us!” Only 25 words in, Singer gives the city it’s first shout-out, describing the Toronto Victorian home McAdams shares with her brother, and by the end of the first paragraph she’s already mentioned Kensington Market (eeeeeee!).

She also references kitchen shop Good Egg, where McAdams takes a knife skills class, streetcars (!!!!) and that the actress “opts to receive public rather than private health care” (????).

All “they like us, they really like us” giddiness aside, the article’s most interesting revelation is McAdams’ GreenIsSexy.org website. Unlike the usual celebrity blog GOOP, GreenIsSexy offers up useful and accessible eco-living tips like a post about shopping the Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market and a review of our own Adria Vasil’s first Ecoholic book.[rssbreak]

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