Winter Guide : If you dig snow

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Slip-slidin’ away

Nuts to those who say ripping down a steep slope at reckless speed over icy, unforgiving, jagged snow is just for kids. Toronto’s got enough quality toboggan hills, like the vast Riverdale Park hill and High Park , to accommodate young and old.

Start a snowball fight

There are few sounds as satisfying as the splat of a well-formed ball of snow exploding against your next-door neighbour. But if you’re going to engage in a cold-war skirmish, you should consider constructing a snow fort from which to safely assail your enemies.

Beats doing squats at the gym

Whether you prefer shredding the freshest powder, pimping the perfect pipe or just carving your way slowly down the hill and soaking in some Mother Nature, snowboarding can free your soul from the confines of the slushy city and give your butt a good workout, too. And there are decent hills less than an hour’s ride outside T.O.

Go cross-country

Strap on your skis and shoosh through one of Toronto’s many ravines. Or head out to the Zoo and see polar bears, seals and wolves.

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