Lion Babe


A year and a half after Tika Simone brought New York City duo Lion Babe to her Known Unknown series show at Revival, the electro-fuelled soul/R&B duo finally have something for us to take home. 

Their five-track debut EP is smoky and sweet, funky and groove-laden. Singer Jillian Hervey’s relaxed-sassy vocals are reminiscent of Erykah Badu, while Lucas Goodman’s beats walk the line between experimental and accessible. Their collaboration with Childish Gambino, Jump Hi, is the kind of no-bullshit track you want to strut down the street or make up a dance routine to, while Vogue debuted their seductive, chilled-out love song Jungle Lady. But the stuttering beats, handclaps and call-and-repeat-style hook of Treat Me Like Fire makes it the obvious hit. 

An immediately catchy and digestible first effort that still manages to sound unlike anything else. 

Top track: Treat Me Like Fire   

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