Listen to an unreleased track by Siskiyou

Bonus material from one of this year's best artists

Siskiyou’s Nervous is one of our favourite releases so far this year – a thing of quiet beauty, courtesy of former Great Lake Swimmers member Colin Huebert and Erik Arnesen. Think hushed vocals, gentle intensity, whorls of sonic miscellanea. As I wrote in my original review, “It’s the perfect soundtrack to that sad, disoriented feeling that comes from looking too long into a profoundly black and starry sky.”

It came out on Constellation Records in January, and the label has now given us access to an unreleased track from those Nervous recording sessions. It taps into Huebert’s Destroyer-esque vocal tendencies, and gets bonus points for featuring the Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman on backup vocals and the great Colin Stetson on horns. Toronto’s own Leon Taheny recorded and mixed it.

Click here to listen. | @carlagillis

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