LL Cool J – Authentic

(S-Bro Music/429)

Rating: N

Everything LL Cool J has done since starring in 1995 NBC sitcom In The House has been shamelessly try-hard, making the title of his latest effort particularly amusing. Right down to his cringe-worthy Grammy hosting, LL has brazenly watered down his image by pandering to his NCIS-watching, Fifty Shades-loving fan base.

The moronic We Came To Party starts by spoofing a cheesy, song-opening voice-over, but then on Waiting On You, he actually does a cheesy, song-opening voice-over. Throughout the album, the production is elevator-like the beats could’ve been scooped from the prerecorded settings on my 1988 Yamaha keyboard.

Authentic is ridiculous right down to the heavy-breathing interludes, which worked for Usher circa 2003. LL says he’s “hot like ‘Pac when he first popped out of prison.” I think he’s delusional. As far as comedy albums go, however, Authentic is the year’s best.

Top track: Between The Sheetz (for the most laughs)


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